About Us

We Drive Growth & Business Advantage

Who Are We

We are an eclectic mix of PR, content, marketing, and Go-To-Market specialists. We are much more than a boutique PR firm serving the tech industry.

We are your brand champs.

Our Calling

We champion disruptive technology companies – startups, emerging enterprises, and the multi-national – telling their story, establishing credibility, and engaging newer audiences, positively impacting their time to market, competitiveness, and business opportunity.

What We Do

Our 6D Process



Before we can fix a problem, we need to understand what the issue is and what the desired solution needs to be. We sit down with you and discover what you are currently doing, what you want to do, and who your target market is.



By describing the problem and the desired solution accurately, we seek to ensure all stakeholders agree and are on the same page. And then, depending on the issue at hand, we will outline a solution step by step.



We will custom design a solution for you from our bouquet of services. Depending on the requirements, that may involve a PR campaign, designing a new website, or designing a social media marketing plan for you.



We now get granular on developing the proposed solution. That may mean creating a wireframe version of your new website or developing a step by step plan for your social media marketing or a media launch plan.



We will deploy a live version of your solution, complete with bells and whistles. After all the time we have spent planning the project, you will now get a tangible feel of how the solution works for you in real-time.



We keep you posted on the results at every stage, making corrections where necessary. Once  satisfied that you are delighted with the results and happy to recommend us to your friends, only then will we sign off on the project.

Why Choose Us?

Experienced in our craft, we are hungry for success and keen to showcase our talent. Add to this our get-things-done attitude, and you will find some very compelling reasons to work with us.

We understand technology well. Research-driven, we begin a project by studying client market space intensively, including sales side dynamics, customer buying habits, competitive play, media and analyst perceptions, and other factors that are likely to impact our work and client success.

We offer a full bouquet of PR, Content, Influencer & GTM services under one solution umbrella. By applying tools and services that best fit your needs, we bring the advantages of an integrated approach to your project.

We are outcome-focused and treat everything else we do as a means towards that end. Value-driven, we apply the sharpest strategies, techniques, and tools that deliver compelling value to all stakeholders on our client project.

While our front end team operatives are young and energetic, the managers who guide and influence them are seasoned hands at the game. You get the best of both worlds.

We tie our growth closely to that of our clients. Thinking ahead, we bring the benefits of proactive service engagement across our bouquet of services.

We enjoy excellent relationships with the media, influencers, partners, and communities nurtured over continual engagements.

Our Team Lead

With decades of experience in promoting technology brands he leads an eclectic mix of PR, Digital, Content, and GTM Specialists

Dayanand Muthukrishnan

CEO & Group Account Director

Moving to the US in 2020, he set up StoryBru with a mission to enable disruptive global technology brands to engage audiences in the US, positively impacting their time to market and business opportunities.

Before that, he founded EXL Public Relations, a.k.a EXL PR, a successful technology-focused boutique PR firm based in India credited with helping global technology MNCs and disruptive startups make a successful Indian market entry and scale over time.

A storyteller and a technology enthusiast, he is passionate about helping audiences apply technology in their lives, at work, at home, and on the move, any place else in-between.